2006 Flier

The Magic Tree 2006 Flier

There are approximately 68,500 individual lights on the tree. This represents a substantial increase over last years 47,000 lights. I ran into problems with having enough power for them in spite of the fact we have 8 dedicated 20 amp circuits. I had to run auxiliary extension cords from the shop building and the garage to spread the power to more circuits. I doubt I’ll put that many on it again. We need to have a little power left over for our household needs!

This year I included some LED lights (3270 individual lights) for the first time. They add another dimension of color – the bright blue and purple, and use much less energy. I hope to increase the percentage of lights that are LEDs each year I light the tree.
There are a few sets of hand painted lights on the tree – an experiment from several years back to achieve a greater variety of color. In all there are more than 20 discernible variations of color distributed through out the tree.

The tree is powered by a total of eleven 20 amp circuits, eight of them dedicated. It is plugged into 19 outlets having 19 extension cords running up to it with some additional short cords in the tree to make convenient places to plug in the light sets. I find that no more than 72 sets of conventional mini lights can be safely plugged into one 20 amp circuit and that’s pushing it!
The tree is approximately 30 feet tall. It took well over 100 hours to put the lights on and will take about half that time to take them down again.

We purchased about 250 new sets of mini lights this year as well as 60 sets of LEDs for the Magic Tree. The rest of the lights are from years past.

The Magic Tree will be lit from 5pm ’till at least 10:30pm weekdays and until midnight on weekends until January 6th. It will be lit again on the 10th, 14th, 15th and 18th and on February 1st , 2nd, 13th, 14th, 17th and 20th.

The Magic Tree is not a fund raiser for anything. It is put up purely for your enjoyment. It is free. Feel free to take photographs and to get out of the car to view it up close and walk around it. Please be careful of the extension cords and do not touch it particularly if it is wet – advise your children.

No donation is requested, however a donation box is provided (attached to the mailbox post) for those of you so motivated.
10 % of all donations will be given to The Alternatives To Violence Project here in Columbia, a group I have been involved with for many years. Its main work is to do 3 day workshops in Boonville and Jefferson City prisons, about 30 per year. The workshops are designed to build community among inmates and point out the value of good will toward one another through experiential activities, discussions, and role playing the use of Transforming Power. For more info go to avpusa.org.

An additional 10 % will go to Ryan’s Well Foundation. This group, started by the enthusiasm of a 6 year old, has so far built over 225 wells and provided over 375′000 families and entire communities in Africa with clean water. For more info go to ryanswell.org.
The rest we will use to offset the cost of lighting the Magic Tree.

I hope you are blessed all year long and find ways to share your blessing and spread it around.

Will Treelighter

I Am the Silence in which you hear all sounds. Notice them and the space between and you notice me.

I Am the Light with which you see all things illuminated in all their various shapes and colors.

I Am the Voice still and small that is speaking to you at all times. Quiet yourself and listen.

I Am the Beauty that adorns all things for those with eyes that see.

I Am the Love in every heart regardless of race or creed and religious or political orientations.

I Am the frustration, pain and desperation in the terrorist that hides regard for life.

I Am Life Itself. I quench your thirst. There is nothing you need do but walk with me.

I Am the Truth that resonates in your heart and calls to you to know me.

I Am the Word from the beginning that is written upon your soul. Turn there in quiet repose, reflective.

I Am Wisdom, the currency of Spirit, more valuable then diamonds and gold.

I Am the Intelligent Power resident to every atom making up your physical presence and all material reality.

I Am the Will to Good expressed through your activity.

I Am the Space in which I created all the universe. Judgment is mine. You may leave it be.

I Am transcendent of all concepts you can entertain of me yet I am your closest intimate.

I Am Grace. Rest in me.

Teachers and books point the way to me, but you must come to me yourself and alone and I will make you friend to all.

I Am a trumpeter sounding out tidings of great joy. Hear me.

I Am come to you this day from within you and all about you. Be my hands and feet. Be my heart and mind. Be my presence for those who know me not.

See me in your neighbor. See me in your “enemy”. See me on the horizon. See me about the world.

I Am come to you to inspire, encourage, and show the way into a future of glory and grace, where no day is like another.  Plunge in:

“I Am Creator of the Universe.

I Am Father and Mother of the Universe.

Everything came from me.

Everything shall return to me.

Mind, Spirit and Body are my temples

For the Self to realize in them

My Supreme Being and Becoming.”*

These words are yours. If you are willing, keep them in your heart and know Me and the Self.

*The stanza in quotes is attributed to the World Teacher and is released by Him for humanity’s use.

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