2009 Flier

The Magic Tree 2009 Flier

Welcome to the Magic Tree.  This year marks its 15th year.  It is the 5th year for this approximately 40 year old crab apple.  It takes about 120 hours to put the approximately 75,000 lights (about half of which are energy saving LEDs) on the tree and about 80 hours to take them down again.

Please help keep traffic problems to a minimum and make the many visitors to the Magic Tree tolerable to neighbors by not using your horn after 9pm and not using driveways to turn around in (use loops at ends of 1st and 2nd lefts instead) and car pool whenever possible.  If you live near by, such as in Brookside, perhaps you would consider walking over when traffic is heavy.  The Magic Tree will be turned off at 11pm nightly to cut back on late night loudness and save electricity.

Park across from the Magic Tree perpendicular to the street in the park grass next to the road (please do not drive through the park) instead of on the street so that the way is not blocked for other drivers.  When walking about the tree take care around the footbridge, ditch and electric cords and advise your children not to touch the tree particularly when it is wet (there may be a broken bulb that could pack a shock).

The Magic Tree is for you to enjoy without obligation.  It is not a fundraiser.  However, if you still wish to make a donation, your gifts are appreciated and a donation box is provided and attached to the post under the mail box for your convenience.  As a practice of the Principle of Sharing a portion of your donation will be shared with various charitable organizations.  For more information about those organizations, about the Magic Tree and its purpose and to see pictures of the Magic Tree please visit the Magic Tree website at www.magic-tree.org.

The Effulgence of Joy

Effulgence is a wonderful word.  In the mind it conjures the idea of a soft radiant light that actually has substance.  A photon of sunshine is a “mass less particle” but clearly of energetic substance none-the-less.  At a more subtle level so also does an inner spiritual light, found at the center of each being, have an effulgent substance to it that is energized as we become more attentive to its nature.  As it begins to shine within us we can sense it and we feel a subtle joy.  In turn that helps us to see beauty and understand relationships between people and between things with greater clarity.  Thoughts and feelings become better understood as part of the substance (just like our bodies and the rest of the physical world) that we, as souls (a still finer, even spiritual, substance) traverse.

There is a simple “magic” formula for the increase of the effulgent light of the Soul:

see beauty

share your good

have joy.

In this formula it should be noted that joy is not the goal but simply the result of the goal to share what is good.  When we see beauty it is natural to want to share it.  Don’t see any beauty?  Do something kind for someone without any expectation of it being reciprocated.  There is beauty.  We can make it up anytime we want to.

Know the beauty that is within you, share that without expectation, and joy just happens.

As you view the Magic Tree think on this: If you are the beholder and you have the power to see and create beauty wherever you will, what then are you?  What is your true nature, your true self?  Find that and make it manifest – you, who holds the key and stands now ready on the threshold!

The Magic Tree symbolizes the Effulgent Light of the Soul that shines at the center of each being.  This Light is approaching us today in a unique way.  It emerges from within us, if we will be still and watch, share and serve; and simultaneously, It emerges in the world as a Teacher so well attuned to our need (because He is of the very same substance as our souls) that He will be able to potently assist all the willing in ushering in the coming time where all are both teacher and student and love is lived out among humanity in such a way that there will be many people fulfilling the prediction of Christ: “all this that I do shall you do and much more shall you do”.

Will Treelighter


The Magic Tree symbolizes something within.  Something you have always been,

but did not know.

Lifetime upon lifetime awareness grows, cycle after cycle, of the Spirit’s flow,

Through each and all, great and small, yours and all humanity’s, Light.

In your heart warms a fire.  Your mind flashes with sight.

Though the times seem dire, you know something’s right,

and the soul you deem you are

And know you’re not so far from recognition.

Far to go but far we’ve come, and soon we’ll know now is the hour

To be in control of our desire

and guide our way more consciously.

We sense we have response-ability… that can light the Way

If we will but employ… the gifts that we enjoy.

Each moment at a time is all it takes to turn our world on a dime

From disaster to tranquility.

Come forth O Teacher, encourager of souls,

That we may understand and be whole, come into open work.

Our hearts burn with desire to see you and so we turn our thoughts to know ourselves

So to be one with what you are is for what we delve

That we may so share and do what must be done to demonstrate

That we are one and not so lost to seperative thinking.

The magic in the tree is the magic of your soul, responding.

The interplay of mind with heart, the art of meditation, the impetus to stay, pondering

And lose the grievance of argument.

Too many words cover over the Word.

Say what you need to say, quietly give the rest away.

Plant your feet upon the path.  Giving, sharing melts all wrath.

The magic is the “speaking” soul.  No separation.  You, me, all, the whole.


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