2010 Flier

The Magic Tree 2010 Flier

“The Cherry Hill Business Association is pleased to be the new host of the Magic Tree, a display of lights created by Will Treelighter, who is otherwise unaffiliated with The Village of Cherry Hill.  Because he has run out of capacity at his home to host the crowds of viewers the Magic Tree attracts we are glad to welcome Mr. Treelighter to The Village of Cherry Hill solely for the purpose of continuing the gift of holiday cheer that the spectacle of the Magic Tree brings to the surrounding community.
The opinions here after expressed in this flier and on Mr. Treelighter’s Magic Tree website are his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of The Village of Cherry Hill or any of its residents, businesses, or customers.”

Welcome to the Magic Tree at its new location.  And a big thanks to the Village of Cherry Hill for providing a park, a tree, more electrical capacity, and the electricity itself to power the Magic Tree.  Please let the businesses know, and any residents you know of at The Village of Cherry Hill, that you appreciate their cooperation in allowing the Magic Tree to be part of their holiday décor.  Without such collaboration there may very well have not been a Magic Tree anymore.  The traffic simply became unmanageable at the previous location.  It is a happy problem to have so many people that enjoy the Magic Tree that moving it to this spot is necessary.    Now many more onlookers may be accommodated and there is a way to bypass the traffic if desired.  It is my hope to do the Magic Tree for many years to come.  It is truly a joy to share with you my passion for colored lights combined with the graceful shape of a tree.

This 16th version of the Magic Tree is a cherry tree and has about 15000 incandescent mini lights, 15000 LED lights and in addition to that another 7500 color changing LED lights in three varieties.  That’s a total of 37,500 lights which is a little less than half the lights that were on last year’s Magic Tree.  This year it took approximately 40 hours to put the lights on the tree.  I’m thinking that as the years go by this tree will grow larger and eventually will accommodate a display similar in scale to the previous Magic Tree.

In the past the Magic Tree has always been a mature crab apple except for one year (I think it may have been the 1997 Magic Tree) I did a young spruce in the yard.  Last year was the fifth time I lit the particular tree you remember from recent years but before that I used to light an old crab apple that was near the front door of our house.  Some day I’ll get it together and post some of the few photos I have of the early years as well as from some of the latter years to the Magic Tree website so that you can see them.  Right now I only have a set of 24 images from 2006 and one image from 2005 that you can see on the website at www.magic-tree.org.
There are many photos, however, right here in Cherry Hill at the Focus on Health Chiropractic Center in the Merchant Street building.  Stop in there during their business hours to view the photographs and greeting cards which are also for sale.  Their hours are posted on their door.

You may also want to make an appearance here in The Village of Cherry Hill for the annual holiday festival on Thursday evening, December 2 from 5pm ‘til 8pm.  On that day at 5:30pm the official lighting of the holiday lights will take place.  There will be trolley rides, business open houses and Santa Claus among other holiday activities.

This year’s Magic Tree has a companion evergreen tree lit with 3000 color changing LEDs.  The two of them together leads me to think of the value of companionship; that of friendship, marriage, parent and child, that of siblings, or Earth and Moon, Sun and soil, energy and matter, spirit and form.  It makes me grateful that the universe seems to organize itself into patterns of relationships that often form dualities that afford companionship.  I wonder about the love that takes place between human partnerships, or between a person’s form and the indwelling spirit, and consider whether there is, unseen, a love of even greater intensity that takes place between the huge bodies we call planets and stars.  Is the magnetism in the form of gravity like an embrace?  Is the light and warmth of a star from an intense furnace embodying the indwelling energy of love at a level far beyond human capacity to comprehend and know?
We can only conjecture for now, but when I see the joy that the colored light of the Magic Tree brings to the innocent child and to even the not-so-innocent, experienced-in-worldly-affairs adult, I wonder at what, (how, why) something is being communicated without words, without touch, without human body language.  What is this indweller, this spirit, this magic that is communicating through this form?  Where does the energy come from that is beyond that of light, shape, color and electricity?  Is it all just a function of the highly sophisticated human physical form that we are all walking around in; just grey matter, synapses and electro-chemical currents in the brain?  How did this all come to be?  Could all this be a mechanism for the expression of something that is beyond what we can see and touch, an inner companion that itself is an expression of something transcendent?

I put the lights on the tree but I have not made it magic.  When you who see it respond by beholding it with imagination and happiness, you fill it with its truly light emitting magical properties.  I am not referring to the kind of magic in a magic show that is slight of hand and illusion or that of electrical constructions.  I am referring to true magic; that kind of magic that happens when imagination and energy turns something that was not in form into something that is.  Wow!  Now that is magical.  How does it happen?  What is the energy that causes us to imagine something that no one has thought of before and manifest it, making it into a real live objective thing?  What is it we find within us that conveys inspiration to imagine still more possibility and bring about its expression in form?

I propose that that energy, for lack of a better name, is Absolute Perfect Unconditional Love; that it exists in spirit or as the Unmanifest and transcendent until such a time in which someone imagines something with enough intensity as if to practice Its presence.  The Spirit then flows into activity, like electricity into a light bulb, to manifest whatever is imagined.  We can’t see spirit but we sense the evidence for it in the good and the beautiful that we get to experience in the many forms that take shape in the objective world.  In this way, little by little the Transcendent is becoming realized.

More and more the entire world is becoming the expression of humanity.  It didn’t start out that way but here we humans are having taken over the planet.  What will we make of it through the magical ability we possess that manifests what was formally only imagined?  How shall we manage our imagination so that what we hold in mind is what we want to actually manifest.  How shall we focus it and make it potent?  What will be the final outcome of every thought or prayer that we picture?  Can we hold out love, unconditionally, as the ultimate desire we want manifested and hold our attention there?  Thus it is that Santa Claus and his sack of toys for children, for example, can symbolize for us the gifts and giving of the Great Spirit rather than the materialistic focus that that figure typically engenders when we’re not paying attention to unconditional love.

Together, in tentative but inevitable companionship we choose, we decide our future, by choosing what we do with our thinking, and with our attentiveness, in the present.  Can we make a magic tree of thought and prayer, each of us in our minds, that is full of light and energy that will transform our world into one that resembles Heaven?  The Teacher, our great encourager, our representative to the rest of the solar system, is here to set us alight with fiery aspiration.  We burn with hope and expectation that our imagination will not fail us.  Faith.  Hope.  Love.  Joy.  Let the season not be short lived, but rather open the doorway to an eternal heaven that has some how found lodging in our imagination.

Will Treelighter

More attempts to form a magic tree of LEWs (light emitting words) at www.magic-tree.org

You supply the energy to make LEWs light up.

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