2012 Flier

The Magic Tree 2012 Flier

Thanks again to the The Village of Cherry Hill Business Association for hosting the Magic Tree.  The Village of Cherry Hill hosts the Magic Tree for the sole purpose of continuing the gift of holiday cheer that the annual lighting of the Magic Tree brings to the community.  The opinions expressed in this flier and on the Magic Tree website (magic-tree.org) are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of The Village of Cherry Hill or any of its residents, businesses, or customers.   Will Treelighter
Welcome to the 18th annual Magic Tree.  This year’s tree has nearly 9000 more lights on it than last year’s – close to 44,000 lights, most of them LED.  It took about 50 hours to put them on the tree.  There is an estimated 3.5 miles of lighted wire on the tree, so I’ve gone to some lengths to get your attention!  Thanks for picking up my flier.  I provide this flier each year to answer a few of the frequently asked questions and then attempt to write something inspiring to think over while looking at the Magic Tree.  The Magic Tree is full of purpose.  Ultimately, its purpose is for you, the observer, to decide, but I make the following offering in case you are inclined to peruse it.

The Magic Tree is one light and one power expressing through a tree of many diverse individual mini lights.  All are connected to the one source, the power plant.  It is the same way with all of humanity.  There are many kinds, colors and brightnesses, but all are plugged into a single source of life, light and love.  It is this common source that makes us human and we form a grand tree of expression of our common Source’s light, life and love.  Some burn dimly, some burn brightly, depending on how well developed their connectivity is.  Our interconnectivity grows in the similar way that the brain naturally develops electro-chemical connections between the synapses and nerves, but growth also takes place in accordance with directives given by concentrated attentiveness to desires, goals, and willful outcomes.  These in turn grow capacity for expression of the One Source.  (It also increases capacity for misuse and abuse, but this is not the place for that discussion.) The question comes to mind: as we grow in capacity for expression of the One Source… who are we?… the individual expressions?… or the One Source expressing through individualized mechanisms?
Many today expect one to come who is a perfected expression of the One Source; an individualized perfected expression of God.  If the Magic Tree analogy holds true, such a perfected human would also be expressing the highest desire of each and all of us, if by “highest” we mean that which most closely reflects that of our common Source of life, light and love.  That light from the perfected human would be like the light of all of us together, the way the Magic Tree gives off one light made of many put together.  The Coming One, then reflects that highest being that is within you and within each of us, but has yet to be demonstrated collectively through us.  By reflecting our highest aspirations this Expected One would have much to reveal to us regarding how to live in harmony and peace with each other and the Earth.  “World Teacher”, then, is an appropriate title for such a one who comes (or comes again) out of the very same evolution as the rest of us.  Is not our highest aspiration for Heaven on Earth?  Then this World Teacher comes to help us in our cause.  The Magic Tree is my feeble attempt to make a symbol for a tiny bit of such a Heaven on Earth revealed.
As you look at the Magic Tree ask yourself: what would such a new world of Heaven revealed look like?  If it is going to be Heaven on Earth it will need to have an atmosphere of unconditional love with everyone getting along and cooperating with each other.  There will need to be a sense of everything being refreshed and renewed with unique  experiences in creativity manifesting daily.  There will need to be a sense that all is good and that all needs are being taken care of so that no thought or energy will be spent on worry or a sense of insecurity.  People will naturally share all that is good, knowing that the supply is equal to the need and if they themselves need something someone will step up to share it with them.

People will be able to travel widely with no fear or government interference.  All country’s borders will be open in spite of there being different and diverse forms of governing.  There will be broad respect for differences among people, with a realization that it is respect for diversity that allows unity to come about.  Striving for uniformity creates division, because people rebel against it in the cause of needing freedom to make their own unique choices.  Uniformity then, will be understood to be the antithesis of unity and abandoned in the appreciation of the world’s diversity giving an inexhaustible abundance of different experiences to the world’s people.

Each person, in such a world, while pursuing whatever experience they desire, will naturally drop everything to give to another what it is the other seeks or needs, full knowing that their own fulfillment is guaranteed, even as one sets aside one’s own desire and when all cooperate to give each other what one another need.  Any attitude that detracts from this natural service of each other’s needs will be understood to be one that is self destructive and disruptive of Heaven on Earth and the cause that nearly brought humanity to self destruction and quite possibly annihilation of all life on the planet.

Can you imagine living in such a world?  Pretty utopian! you might say with an air of skepticism.  But we are talking about Heaven on Earth, after all.  What do you expect of paradise?!  The Great Teacher once said “Heaven is at hand”.  So how far could we be from manifesting it here on Earth, particularly with the aid of the expected World Teacher?  Is it not what we have strived to create in our United States of America with our principle ideal of freedom of religion, with liberty and justice for all?  The realization of such an ideal will require us to have respect for each other’s differences.  Our ideals of individual liberty, yet justice for all, at first seem mutually exclusive… unless each person, in their liberty, freely chooses to treat each other person as they would like to be treated themselves.  Then justice (and mercy) will be automatic.  We have not yet achieved this ideal.  If we do, we will have Heaven on Earth.  I think it will take a great catalyst, as in the emergence of a Great Teacher, a Great Encourager, to bring us into such a realization of the ideal.  We are ripe for such a Teacher’s appearance and I have heard of His emergence.
First let it be known: this Coming One is a reflection of that which is within you.  It doesn’t matter if you are Christian or atheist, Muslim or Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish, agnostic or scientific materialist, there is still the universalSelf common to all of humanity.  Regardless of belief systems or belief itself, the sense of Self is with everyone.  Sure, we confuse Self with our bodies, feelings and thoughts… as if the transport that we got in at birth and that we discard at its death… were the Self, but this is not the case.  The Self is the One within each that in silence observes all.  It behooves us to identify with this One Self – that of all humanity – and recognize that we each are exponents of this One Self.  It is this One Self common to us all that the World Teacher represents.

We have a sense that we (humanity) are on an evolutionary track toward something.  We expect out of our evolution that we will solve humanity’s problems and create a better way of life… or… we will end our evolution in self destruction, unable to step up to the challenge of our time, because of our confusion born out of identification with body, feelings and thought.
Of late it seems that we could end up doing the latter – self destruction.  But hopeful things have happened.  The opening of the Soviet Union to its diversity came about and served to end the cold war.  The Berlin Wall was taken down reuniting Germany.  The fall of dictators to the voice of the people in recent times indicate that when we together recognize the One Self, in the guise of our humanity, great things can be accomplished.  These are things that happen in response to people deciding that they have something within them that wants to be expressed.  They then seek an outlet for it and things must change or turn to chaos.  That something within is the One Self.  The expression is often messy, because it is mixed in with egoism, but the One Self of all humanity is in its midst none-the-less.

The illusory ego that arises out of confusing our identity with our vehicle (body , emotion and thought) cannot bring about Heaven on Earth.  It knows only greed, because it sees itself in competition and in separateness from all others.  Heaven on Earth must be built out of the awareness of the One Self that recognizes that when you have done something for someone else than you have done it for your Self.  In our present egotistical confusion if we were suddenly transported to Paradise we would not be able to fathom how it works and our realization of it would be greatly diminished, resulting from our lack of awareness of our connectedness.  In fact that could be our actual present situation!  Could it be we are in heaven right now and simply don’t know how it works?!
We each must therefore train ourselves in recognizing the One Self as our own Self while letting go of separative egotistical thinking that confuses our vehicle of manifestation with the Self.  We may then be in a position to recognize Heaven sent inspiration for a new world.  We may then freely choose to apply our energy to building up Heaven on Earth.

We are not alone in this transformative task.  There are those who have gone on before us in the realization of the One Self and are therefore masters of this awareness and so may serve us as guides.  There is One at their forefront who has so mastered Himself that not is left of egoistical confusion and so He is able to serve as a pure representative of this One Self in Whom we all participate.  This is the World Teacher, so named because of His universal acceptance of all who come to Him for guidance.  Understand that He is the same as the One Self that is within each of us; that He does not displace that Self that is our Self, but simply represents it.  (It remains therefore, our own prerogative, each in our unique way, to make as pure a representation of this One Self as we each can muster.)  The World Teacher is the Imam Mahdi of the Muslims.  He is the Christ of the Christians.  He is Krishna come again to the Hindus; and the expected Maitreya Buddha of the Buddhists.  He is the Messiah of the Jews.  He is the Vanguard of the down trodden and the Inspiration of the scientist.  He is the Silently Observing Self of the Atheist and all who confuse the Self with the body, which is most everyone in spite of professed beliefs.

Did you think that all these were different persons at war with one another?  No, they are all manifestations of Maitreya Buddha; all manifestations of the Christ in Jesus.  They are all appearances of the One Self in Whom we all participate – the Only Begotten.  Realize this and be free of opposition.  Realize this and be witness to Heaven on Earth.  It is still here… now… at hand, and we, humanity, are at a crossroads of choice to forge ahead, eyes wide open, into our birthright of true freedom, liberty and justice for all… or, Heaven forbid, to stagnate in a miasma of doubt and fear as we plunge over the cliff of self destruction.
We have seen enough of the wars of Armageddon (think of the world wars).  We do not need more of that to motivate us.  It is time to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and create the kind of world where war can never occur again so we can focus on healing the planet for our children’s children.  The World Teacher, and many Masters (of self) with him, are here to inspire and galvanize us into action.  They cannot do the work for us however, or else how would we grow into the ability to realize Heaven even when we have been placed in its midst.  Each of us must step up to the task in whatever way we are able.  What can each of us do to make our unique little corner of the world more Heaven like and sustainable?

The Teacher returns.  Brittle doctrines must fall releasing the dynamic truth they have crystalized.  Beware the pitfall of clinging to the old thought forms in shriveling wine skins.  Soon the moment will be at hand when He reveals Himself to us and we will find that He is within us and at the same time in His own body as well.  The truth of the One within us all is: we are each a manifestation of that which is in everyone.  Christ, Maitreya, World Teacher, the Great Encourager – whatever you may call Him – has come “like a thief in the night”.  No one knows the hour of His actual revelation to all of us at once, but be assured He is among us and soon is His (Our, the Spirit of Humanity’s, the One Self’s, the Only Begotten’s) advent.

Information on The World Teacher’s emergence is found at share-international.org.

Mark your calendars for a public dvd presentation of The Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher, a talk by Benjamin Creme, Monday, January 14th, 7 pm at the Unity of Columbia building, 1600 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO. and Transmission, A Meditation for the New Age, a lecture by Benjamin Creme, also presented via dvd, on Monday, January 21st, 7 pm, same location.

(These video disk lectures are presented by Will Treelighter and do not necessarily reflect the views of Unity of Columbia.)
Love’s in everything,

Will Treelighter

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