Bio 1

Bio 1

I put lights on trees and photograph them.  My goal is to produce an image of such extraordinary beauty that it causes the mind, emotions and body to be still for just a moment.  In that stillness the personality may hear speak the Indefinable Infinite One.
I admire and hold in high esteem trees of all kinds.  I walk among them.  I swing from them.  I sit in them and under them soaking up there unique beauty and form.  The frame of a tree when its leaves are down is of particular interest to me and so, when on a lark I decided to string a few lights along the bare branches of a crab apple tree outside my front door it was a natural expression of my fondness for trees.

I soon discovered the joy of lighting every branch so that the whole form became a blaze of light.  Rave reviews of neighbors, friends and strangers only encouraged me until you see the work before you today.  For many years I have attempted photographing the tree.  I am an amateur that has gotten lucky a few times and tried to repeat what luckily came a few times more.
My inspiration comes from an experience I had with a great white pine in the blowing fog and mist that stopped me short for its beauty and changed my life by calming my raging fears.  Where did the calm come from and the clear message that all was good?
It is my sincere hope that through viewing the trees, the photos and through considering the titles, the Untitled Notes from which the titles are derived, and through perusing the information at this website that you sense a deeper connection with the One Infinite Source and find peace and joy beyond the ordinary in that connectedness.

Love’s in everything.

Beauty is Its signature.

The eye for beauty belongs to the beholder.

What, then, are you?

Please have a look at what Nalini Nadkami has to say about the spirituality of trees:

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