On Contact, The Movie

On Contact, The Movie

I suggest watching the movie Contact and looking there for what is applicable to meditation. You will find a wealth of subjective suggestions (between the lines) regarding meditation if you watch it seeking them out. Here’s some suggestions:
Contact, The Movie, Metaphor for Meditation

View the film keeping in mind meditation. Seek out elements that can be symbols for what happens on our journey toward a life of meditation and then symbols for what can happen in consciousness once we commit to meditation and plunge deeply into the state of consciousness that meditation eventually brings to us.

Some primer examples of what to look for:

Ellie as a child with pure and innocent aspiration.

Ham radio operation: represents first experiments with meditation, listening to the silence for a signal, identifying the signal, encouragement of parent, teacher or master.

Loss of parent, experience of disillusionment, emptiness of organized religion and looking outside of one’s self for answers.
Next we find Ellie as educated scientist adult in the way of the “world” but is she “of the world”? It appears she is using her education to focus still more on meditation (listening to cosmos) technique.

Through long hours of listening she begins to hear a message describing how to build a more advance technique for communicating with the cosmos, the Higher Self . She gets a great deal of interest and skepticism from the many characters.

Remember: all the characters in the film represent aspects of the self. Consider the blind (in eyesight) assistant that has such a good ear giving him inner sight and why we close our eyes to meditate.

She builds a great meditation machine (in consciousness) only to have it first usurped by impure elements interested in grandstanding and then it’s blown up by an inner saboteur discovered only when it was too late, but one that was clearly present early on.
She finds that the machine she built is not so easily destroyed and finally rides it to the center of cosmos where she is greeted by her divine parent.

Her repetition of “I’m good to go” represents the use of a mantra and is at least in part the real message of the mantra to Spirit.
She returns to renewed skepticism from the inner voices but finds a lasting peace.

We leave her sharing the innocent joy of wonder at the Divine Self represented by our starry view of cosmos.

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