On Love and Service

On Love and Service

The One Work. Love manifests as the service, great and small that we provide to each other, our communities, our nations and the world. Love, it turns out, is not a feeling at all. I propose the feeling we call love is rather the result of love in action, love through service. The feeling we call love happens when we perceive that an individual or group has provided a service, or when we anticipate they may provide a service, that will benefit us personally. We see something beautiful, be it a landscape, an animal, a person or a concept and we “love” it. It has provided the service of appealing to our sense of beauty. Some one romances us and we “love” it. They, again, have served our desire to be loved. A pet jumps up on our lap and makes itself comfortable providing the service of comfort and affection. A soldier goes to war and gives his life in service to country whether to conquer or to liberate. Does he or she do it because he or she feels “love” for country or because they have reasoned that this act will benefit others and so performs the service in order to be love, to demonstrate love? If he or she were aiming to risk life and limb strictly on the basis of feeling love, would not his or her will to do so simply evaporate at the first fearful circumstance?

I do not intend to discount that the feeling of “love” is genuine. We all feel “love”. I am pointing out that the feeling is the recognition, at the astral level, of genuine love demonstrated through an action, a service provided.

Love is a principle. We approach understanding of it through an abstract and subjective recognition of something metaphysical belonging to Life Itself. When we demonstrate the Love Principle through our thoughtful actions and words aimed at making life better for another (and thus, incidentally, better for ourselves) we flesh out the subjective Love Principle with objectivity. In objectivity It is there for everyone to see on the physical plane. We recognize it there and feel loving or loved as the result.

This has been an attempt to come to grips with what love, the One Work, really is. All we do demonstrates love at some level of understanding because love is a principle of Life. It is important to recognize, however, that some actions open up space (more opportunity for more accurate rendering in our objective experience of the subjective Love Principle) while other actions tend to close down space for love to be experienced in. Subjectively speaking we are love. To have an objective experience of the Principle of Love we simply need to make a space for it in our experience through one form or another of action, word and thought . We make space for the experience of being love by doing and not doing.

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