On Meditation

On Meditation

Some thoughts on meditation:

Through meditation we can re-polarize our “mind magnets” so that our default prominent overriding force of attention is focused on that spot within that connects us to all of life – the heart or soul.

Meditation is the first step to take on the path of the long journey home (See George Catlin’s book: The Long Journey Homehttp://www.theteachings.org/Introduction.html); home being that place in consciousness where we experience no seperation. There is no substitute for the ancient practice o meditation if we want to make significant progress because of this:

Body, emotion, and mind are instruments battered by the forces of experience in the material world producing the the illusion of seperation. Without a practice of periodical tuning they become grossly out of tune causing unintended “odd noises” to issue forth that are disruptive of our purpose to play a fine tune and be in concert with others. If left unattended to, the instruments become unplayable in a meaningful way and we experience the problem of not getting along with others and all the emotional upheaval that goes along with it.

Absolute Perfect Unconditional Love is the purest, most accurate expression of life. We rarely see it expressed as such, but rather see more or less approximations to this Pure Love because of how the mind, emotions and body filter this divine energy. Body, emotion and mind are conditioners of this Pure Love as it plays out in experience.

Without meditation (the practice of quieting the body, subduing the emotions and disciplining the mind) we tend to mangle the truth, have difficulty managing emotions and confuse the body, feelings and thoughts with our true identity which is Pure Life. Well tuned conditioners, on the other hand, will be servants of The Real and can be relied upon for the realization of the true self, the soul, Pure Love.

Meditation and surrender are inseparable are they not? Our bodies want to keep busy with activity, getting things done, acquiring things. We must set aside these desires, surrendering them at least for a few minutes to truly meditate and our meditation will bring us into contact with the soul, our first and closest reflection of The One Life and our true self.
Meditate. The immediate goal of meditation is to simply be quiet in body, emotion and mind – listening to the silence, paying attention (perhaps to a single well chosen object in particular), but leaving interpretation and judgment for later. It takes a certain amount of effort and concentration to do this. When pure concentration (where no conditioning thought or feeling is entertained) on an object, or the silence, is held steady for more than a few moments, this is the practice of meditation.
I suggested watching the movie Contact and looking there for what is applicable to meditation. The experienced meditater will find a wealth of subjective suggestions (between the lines) regarding meditation if watched with seeking them out in mind. The novice meditater may have a more difficult time reading the symbols and metaphors but its a great film even if you don’t see how it can be indicative of the meditation experience.

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